About Us

Our company was established in 1990 in Bursa to produce baby and children’s clothes. The company continues its activities with its production area of ​​5,000 square meters and nearly 29 years of experience. In our company, which is produced for girls and boys between 1 and 12 years of age, high quality products are produced in accordance with global standards and offered for sale.

Established on the principles of robust and dynamic in our company, fashionable and aesthetic products in accordance with the fashion of the day; is produced without compromising on customer-oriented approach and superior service quality, quality controls are carried out with great precision.

Our company, acting with a full team spirit, acts in accordance with the demands and expectations of the changing world with its strong R & D structure and aims for continuous development and success. Our company’s vision, baby and children’s clothing industry, to make a difference in pioneering innovations, national and international market to reach an effective position has determined, production strategy and sales policy in this area has intensified.

Unique Models
Unique Models
With our professional design team, we make unique designs. We produce our designed models with our professional team.
Great Products
Great Products
We offer you a thousand kinds of products. You can contact us any time you want to come to visit our company to see our products.
Super Quality
Super Quality
We produce all our products with care. Using the highest quality materials, we produce in series with our professional staff.


Offering quality products and services with the understanding of continuous development in the field of children’s clothing in which it operates; To be one of the leading, successful, pioneering, dynamic companies.


To be a reliable, efficient and innovative company that adopts customer-oriented service concept.

Our values

* Being Innovative
* Forward-Looking
* To be good quality
* Honesty does not compromise
* Sustainable
* Solution Oriented
* Sharing
* To respect the environment and people
* To value the ideas of our employees
* Develop communication that will be open to large audiences
* To be fair
* To contribute to the national economy
* Without prejudice
* To be in continuous development
* To be embracing and impartial